Implementation and data import/migration

Implementation: options and requirements

The MediaStore platform comes in two variations. Before getting started on specific details, simply pick which option you would like to go for:

  • Branded site: a platform in a generic design, customized with your logo, corporate color and optionally some text changes (e.g. a custom welcome text and customization of automated emails). The implementation effort is limited and can usually be completed within a few weeks after receipt of the required data.
  • White label site: a fully customized platform according to your design specifications, optionally including a fully-fledged public corporate site. The implementation effort for this option is higher and requires detailed briefings as well as designs for all pages and views.

Before any contract is signed, we will walk you through the requirements in detail.

Migration of your content and assets

During the implementation (and even afterwards), it is possible to import most metadata and files into MediaStore easily:

  • Manual entry and upload: MediaStore provides easy-to-use tools to setup your catalog easily by entering and uploading metadata and files manually – all you need is a web browser.
  • Bulk import: structured metadata can be imported in bulk through an appropriate spreadsheet template which we can provide, while files can also be mass-uploaded using simple reference spreadsheets. Therefore, even thousands of files previously stored in other asset management solutions can be migrated. We will be happy to evaluate your specific scenario in more detail.

Software as a service

MediaStore is “rented” to clients as a service month-by-month. This means that, after implementation and the associated one-time setup fee, we will charge you for using it on a monthly basis. The monthly flat fee includes hosting, maintenance and support; only additional services such as delivery and transcoding are charged additionally depending on your usage. The one-time setup fee is based on the implementation effort, while the monthly fee is dependent on several factors, such as which modules you are using or the size of your catalog and asset library.