Tracking your material deliveries: the Deliveries tab

The Deliveries tab: introduction

For each Contract (or Contract Out in the Rights module) at status Active, a Delivery entry is automatically added to the Deliveries tab. Similarly to the Invoices tab, this allows you to define the deliveries to be made in conjunction with that Contract, and keep track of their status.

The Deliveries function is not a shipment tracking system. There is no functionality to automatically track digital deliveries, shipments, or similar. It does not interface with MediaStore’s Orders section or external software.

Entering deliveries

Editing a Delivery entry

Editing a Delivery entry

To enter the deliveries due for a Contract, go to Workflow > Delivery and click Edit next to a Delivery when hovering your mouse pointer over it in the list view. Note that any new Delivery is initially at the Draft stage.

You will see the following:

  • Delivery Information: basic details  such as deadline and cost.
  • Completion Information: the Delivery completed on date can be filled in once all partial deliveries have been finished.
  • Instalments: click the “+” icon to set up a new Instalment. Enter the required data. You may add as many Instalments as required.The Due date and Delivered on dates will be relevant for the Overview tab.
  • Documents: You may upload additional files such as PDF copies of delivery slips.

Tracking deliveries

To keep track of the deliveries for a Contract, simply use the Edit function and update the fields Delivered on and Delivery completed on to reflect the Delivery’s current status (as well as each partial delivery’s status, if applicable).

The status of the delivery can be modified by clicking the respective link in the Delivery list view, and will reflect back onto the Overview tab’s Deliveries section:

  • Draft:
    • All data including instalments and due dates may be entered.
    • The Delivery will appear as Not Due in the Deliveries section of the Overview tab.
  • Pending:
    • The Delivery information can still be edited at this point.
    • Any Instalments with a Due date, but no Sent on date will appear as Due or Overdue in the Payments section of the Overview tab depending on whether the Due date has been passed yet.
  • Confirmed:
    • Marks the Delivery as finished.
    • Editing is no longer possible.
  • Rejected:
    • Marks the Delivery as rejected.
    • Editing is no longer possible.
  • Inactive:
    • Removes a confirmed Delivery entirely from the Overview tab.