Offer status and advancing from Offer to Contract

Any saved Offer will initially be at the Draft stage. The following options will be available to alter the Offer status (hover your mouse pointer over the Offer in the Offers list view):

  • Pending: the Offer has been finalized, but no actual distribution agreement has been drafted yet.
  • Confirmed: the Offer was accepted and a distribution agreement can be drafted. Once an Offer is Confirmed, a Contract Out will automatically be generated in the Contracts tab.
  • Rejected: the Offer was rejected.

Processing an Offer

Consequently, to move from the Offer phase to a Contract, simply set the Offer to Confirmed. Now, open the Contracts tab; here, you will find a new Contract with status Draft. The new Contract will be pre-filled with all the information from the Offer.

The Contracts tab in the Workflow module is identical to the Contracts Out tab in the Rights module.