Workflow management: introduction

The Workflow module ties in with the Rights module and adds a suite of additional features which permit you to track your entire licensing workflow, from the offer stage to the finished contract and invoicing, including detailed financial reporting.

If you’d like to enable this module, please contact us for more information and pricing.

Similarly to the Rights Management module, a few concepts lie at the basis of the Workflow module:

  • Offers: license agreements that are still being negotiated.
  • Contracts: finished license agreements.
  • Invoices: invoices to your licensees that you’ve prepared or sent.
  • Deliveries: material deliveries such as file transfers or tape shipments.
  • Financials: detailed financial reports on your licensing activity.
Any Contracts Out you’ve created within the Rights module will also be visible as Contracts in the Workflow module, and will otherwise impact the Workflow module in the same way as Contracts created within the Workflow module.

When fully using all elements available within the Workflow module, you can use it to reflect each step of your negotiation as well as fulfilment of subsequent obligations:

  1. You make an offer to a client: enter an Offer (initial status will be Draft; the Offer can be edited to reflect changes to the conditions)
  2. The offer gets close to deal: set the Offer to Pending
  3. The offer is confirmed: set the Offer to Confirmed (a Contract based on the Offer is automatically generated in the system)
  4. The Contract’s details are being confirmed: edit the Contract if required (initial status is Draft; the Contract can be edited to reflect changes to the conditions)
  5. The contract is signed by both parties: set the Contract to Active (blank Invoice and Delivery entries are automatically generated in the system)
  6. Payments are being processed: use the Invoices tab to track your invoicing activity
  7. Deliverables are being sent: use the Deliveries tab to track your material deliveries

All the while, you can elect to receive automatic email notifications as your deal advances through the Workflow module.