Adding asking and taking prices for your content

For each catalog entry, you have the option of adding a matrix of asking and taking prices differentiated by Media Types and Geographies. These serve a purely informational purpose, and will be displayed in the Content Report and Availability Report tabs in the Pricing column.

For example, you can ask your sales team to enter sales predictions using the Pricing function and use these as indications for your financial planning.

Adding Pricing information to a catalog entry

Adding Pricing information to a catalog entry

To enter Pricing information, open a catalog entry (you can navigate to it by conducting a search in the Content section) and select New > Pricing. You will be presented with a popup window which enables you to specify asking and taking prices either broadly (say, for an entire continent or for all available rights) or more specifically (e.g. for a single country’s Internet Rights). Amounts will automatically be added up for top-level regions. Click Save to save the data.

Once you’ve saved pricing data to a catalog entry, you will see that it now features a new tab called Pricing. Here, you can view all currently entered pricing data, and also edit it to add or amend values.

Pricing data does not influence availabilities, reports or financial calculations elsewhere.