Entering a Contract Out

Once a Contract In for the respective content has been set up, it is possible to create a Contract Out. This is used to track the rights you’ve granted to your licensees. The procedure works in much the same way as setting up a Contract In.

Adding a Contract Out

If there’s no active Contract In to cover the rights selected in your Contract Out, you will be alerted that the required rights are not available, and will consequently not be able to save the Contract Out. Please make sure that the required rights are in the system as a Contract In with status Active.

To set up a Contract Out, go to Rights > Contract Out and click New Contract, then first select the type of contract you’d like to enter:

  • Program: A license for finished content, such as a Program or Series.
  • Format: A license for format rights only.
  • Format option: An option for format rights.
Entering a Contract Out's data

Entering a Contract Out’s data

Depending on the contract type, the available fields will be slightly different and/or partly preselected. Click on the type of contract and enter the details:

  1. Contract Information: Basic administrative details.To change your default company currency, go to your company settings (click your company name in the top-right corner) and go to the Settings tab.
  2. Rights: The main properties of the contract. Here you can define Contents, Media Types, Geographies, Languages, Start date and End date, as well as some optional additional properties.
    Exclusive: Tick this box to make this Contract Out exclusive (i.e. no identical rights can be set up in a separate contract).The Country description will appear as a tooltip in the Contracts Out list view when you hover your mouse pointer over the Geographies (this is useful to give a compact summary of complex geographical configurations).You may use the “+” icon to enter additional rights blocks with differing properties.
  3. Rights Information: Further information on the rights.
    Only for Format and Format option contracts: The amount of episodes given in Right min episodes will influence financial calculations (see below).
  4. Contracting Party: Name and contact details of the contracting party.
    Tick Contractee is affiliated in case they are affiliated with you, i.e. through a common parent company.When entering several Contracts Out with the same Contracting party, make sure to use the same email address; this will enable aggregated reporting.
  5. Payment Information: Payment contact details, conditions and further comments.
  6. Only for Format and Format option contracts: Existing Format Option or Format Option Conditions can be used to note fees and distribution shares, as well as, optionally, further consultancy fees and shares.
    Format lic. fee p. eps. is used to calculate the contract value through multiplication with Right min episodes (see above). Distribution share for formats will let you select a distribution share from those defined in the corresponding Contract In. Ancillary fee, similarly, lets you enter an additional fee.
  7. Material Delivery Information and Additional Information: optional delivery-related details.The License comment will appear as a tooltip in the Contracts Out list view when you hover your mouse pointer over the Contracting party‘s name.
  8. Only for Program contracts: click Continue to enter further Contract Information and specify the License Fees (including a Distribution share taken from the corresponding Contract In).
  9. Documents: Files such as a PDF version of your contract can be uploaded here.Uploaded files will also be accessible via a tooltip in the Contracts Out list view when you hover your mouse pointer over the Additional documents icon.
  10. Save your Contract Out. You will see an error notification in case any data is invalid and/or missing.
Contracts Out can be fully edited even at status Active. At this point, any changes, however, will still be validated against other contract data and you will see an error notification if a change is not permitted.