Entering a Contract In

Adding a Contract In

Contracts In can be set up to feed your available distribution rights into the system. This is the first and most fundamental step to building your rights database, as it is a prerequisite to all other processes. For instance, Contracts Out cannot be entered and availabilities cannot be calculated without the presence of the required Contracts In.

In order to set up a Contract In for a given Program/Episode/Season/Series/Format, the required content needs to exist as catalog entry in the Content module. You cannot set up a Contract In if the respective catalog entry does not exist; in this case, please set up the required catalog entry first. Of course, the catalog entry doesn’t need to be published to your clients in order to be used within the Rights module.

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Defining a Contract In’s properties

To set up a Contract In, go to Rights > Contract In and click New Contract > Distribution, then enter your contract data:

  1. Contract Information: Basic administrative details.To change your default company currency, go to your company settings (click your company name in the top-right corner) and go to the Settings tab.
  2. Rights: The main properties of the contract. Here you can define Contents, Media Types, Geographies, Languages, Start date and End date.Furthermore, you can define some optional additional properties, such as Licensing until (The latest permitted end date of a Contract Out).For example, if the Licensing until date lies 6 months after the primary End date, you can still license the content for 6 additional months on the day of the End date (not afterwards, however).
    Exclusive: Tick this box to make this Contract In exclusive (i.e. no identical rights can be set up in a separate contract).The Country description will appear as a tooltip in the Contracts In list view when you hover your mouse pointer over the Geographies (this is useful to give a compact summary of complex geographical configurations).You may use the “+” icon to enter additional rights blocks with differing properties.
  3. Distribution Shares: Your company’s distribution share(s). Enter a Description and a Percentage. If your contract stipulates multiple distribution shares depending on certain conditions (such as the type of rights licensed), use the + icon to add these.
  4. Contracing Party: Name and contact details of the contracting party.
    Tick Contractee is affiliated in case they are affiliated with you, i.e. through a common parent company.When entering several Contracts In with the same Contracting party, make sure to use the same email address; this will enable aggregated reporting.
  5. Distribution Agreement Information and Material Delivery Information: further contractual conditions.
  6. Additional Information: further comments.The License comment will appear as a tooltip in the Contracts In list view when you hover your mouse pointer over the Contracting party‘s name.
  7. Documents: Files such as a PDF version of your contract can be uploaded here.Uploaded files will also be accessible via a tooltip in the Contracts In list view when you hover your mouse pointer over the Additional documents icon.
  8. Once all data has been entered, Save your Contract In. You will see an error notification in case any data is invalid and/or missing. (This will also be the case if the rights you have specified are already part of a different Contract In with status Active.)
Contracts In can be fully edited even at status Active. At this point, however, you may only add rights, not subtract from them. This means that properties such as date ranges and regions may only be increased, not reduced.