Contracts, contract status and availability calculations: introduction

The Rights Management module comprises a suite of tools designed to track your licensing and provide detailed custom reports.

If you’d like to enable this module, please contact us for more information and pricing.

A few concepts lie at the basis of the Rights Management module:

  • Contracts In: your distribution agreements, i.e.  the rights you have to distribute content.
  • Contracts Out: your license deals, i.e. licenses you’ve granted (based on the distribution rights postulated by your Contracts In).
  • Contract status:
    • Draft: contract details are still being worked out and nothing has been finalized yet.
    • Pending: contract details have been finalized, but the contract has not been signed yet.
    • Active: the contract has been finalized and signed.
    • Rejected: the contract has been rejected by either of the two parties.
      Draft and Pending contracts can be set to Rejected.
    • Inactive: the contract is not active anymore.
      Active and Rejected contracts can be set to Inactive.
  • Reports: detailed reports on specific catalog entries or territories, enabling you to view active licenses and remaining availabilities.

A Contract In or Contract Out is primarily defined by several key properties. In combination, these form a block of rights which makes the selected rights available in the system (Contracts In) or blocks them (Contracts Out). A Contract In or Contract Out can comprise one or multiple rights blocks, with each rights block comprising the following elements:

  • Contents: catalog entries to which the contract applies.
  • Media Types: the specific type of rights, e.g. free TV, VOD, etc.
  • Geographies: the countries/regions to which these rights apply.
  • Languages: the languages to which these rights apply.
  • Start date: start of the licensing period.
  • End date: end of the licensing period.
  • Exclusive: whether the specified rights are given exclusively or non-exclusively.
Since the Rights module bases its calculations on a combination of these properties, it is possible to e.g. license the same content to the same country at the same time several times, as long as the Media Types or Languages are different. This multi-dimensional approach allows you to account for any potential licensing scenario.