Transcoding files

When it comes to the file format they’d like to receive, some clients may have specific, at times exacting requirements or requests which cannot be fulfilled by your current files. Or also, you may want to transcode your non-standard formats to our standard PAL formats (IMX50 and XDCAM HD422) in order to be able to outgest PAL tapes. Whatever the case may be, it should be possible for us to transcode your files to the required format.

For any transcoding, an appropriate transcoding profile is required. This is a set of transcoding settings that accepts a certain source format and uses this to generate a specific target format. Several transcoding profiles are already available in the system (XDCAM HD422 PAL MXF to Apple ProRes HD NTSC and vice-versa, for example). If one suiting your needs doesn’t exist yet, we should be able to implement this for you.

For more information and pricing, please refer to your service contract and/or contact us.

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Placing a Transcode Order

To transcode a file, go to Material > Orders and click New Order > Transcode, then follow the steps of the order wizard:

  1. Choose content: select the catalog entries you’d like to transcode files from. Simply start entering a title and search suggestions will be shown. Selecting a parent entry (such as a Series) will select all associated entries (such as Episodes). You can add as many entries as you’d like.
    For each entry you’ve added, a dropdown menu will appear. Select the file you’d like to transcode.To output multiple files from one catalog entry, simply add the catalog entry once more.
    Once you’ve made your selection, click Next.

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Step 1: select files

  • Select target format: select the Transcoding profile you’d like to apply to each file. Only transcoding profiles actually available for the selected file will be displayed.If you’re not seeing a transcoding profile you would have expected (for example because you’ve already transcoded other files with identical specifications), it could be that your source file’s Material entry is not assigned to the correct File template. In this case, the File template needs to be corrected and subsequently, the file needs to be deleted and re-ingested. On the other hand, if the File template of your source file was set correctly, the transcoding profile you require is probably simply not available for that type of file, and a new transcoding profile would need to be implemented.
    Afterwards, click Next.An error message will be displayed if one of your selected source files cannot currently be transcoded to any different format.

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    Step 2: choose a transcoding profile

  • Review and submit: review your transcoding. Optionally you can add an Order comment as well as an Accounting reference which will be mentioned in your invoice.
    Click Submit to start the Transcode order.Manager, Affiliation admin only
    Alternatively, click Save to save all details (but not place the order).Specific transcoding requirements that are not covered by the chosen transcoding profile itself (such as audio track routing or partial transcoding) can not be requested via the Order comment field. Most likely, a new transcoding profile will need to be set up. Please contact us for more information.

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    Step 3: review and submit

  • You will receive an automated confirmation email for your placed order.
  • Once all files have been transcoded, you will receive another email.After receipt of the success notification email, it will still take a little while before your file reaches the status Available, since subsequent file transfers (and, in some cases, a quality check) have not been performed yet.