DVD outgest

As a basis for DVD outgest, any Material entry with Format type of DVD to which an uncompressed DVD ISO file has been uploaded can be used.

A DVD ISO file is a direct single-file duplicate of the data on a DVD video disc. There are many software products that can help you generate DVD ISO files from existing physical DVDs, or even generate them from scratch using video files.

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Placing a DVD Shipping Order

mediapeers can only output single-layer DVDs. Consequently, you cannot outgest DVD ISO files larger than 4.38 GB.

To start the outgest process, go to Material > Orders and click New Order > DVD shipping, then follow the steps of the order wizard:

  1. Choose content: select the catalog entries you’d like to outgest files from. Simply start entering a title and search suggestions will be shown. Selecting a parent entry (such as a Series) will select all associated entries (such as Episodes). You can add as many entries as you’d like.
    For each entry you’ve added, a dropdown menu will appear. From that menu, select the DVD ISO file you’d like to deliver.Apart from Material entries of type DVD with an available DVD ISO file, standard PAL formats (IMX50 and XDCAM HD422) are also eligible for outgest. When choosing an IMX50 or XDCAM HD422 file, this will automatically be transcoded to DVD ISO prior to DVD outgest.To output multiple files from one catalog entry, simply add the same catalog entry multiple times.
    Once you’ve made your selection, click Next.

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Step 1: select a DVD ISO file

  • Confirm your selection. Note that content title, duration and audio configuration will be printed onto the DVD based on the catalog entry and Material entry. If required, you may enter an Additional label to be printed on the DVD, and/or increase the Quantity of DVDs to be created.
    Click Next.

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    Step 2: confirm your selection

  • Enter shipping address: specify the delivery address (or select it from your Address book by clicking the respective icons).
    By default, mediapeers will deliver your DVD(s) via DHL Express and bill the cost to you. If you’d like to use your own carrier or one belonging to the recipient, you may use the Carrier and Carrier account fields to specify this.If you’d like mediapeers to cover your shipping costs for now, don’t choose any carrier other than MPX default (DHL Express). mediapeers cannot deliver via FedEx, UPS, TNT or other carriers unless you provide your own carrier account.
    Afterwards, click Next.

  • Picture 3

    Step 3: Enter recipient details

  • Review and submit: review your DVD outgest. Optionally you can add an Shipping instructions for our dispatch department as well as an Accounting reference which will be mentioned in your invoice.
    Click Submit to start the DVD outgest and subsequent delivery.Manager, Affiliation admin only
    Alternatively, click Save to save all details (but not place the order).

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    Step 4: place your order

  • You will receive an automated confirmation email for your placed order.
  • Once all DVDs have been shipped, you will receive another email. This email will include tracking details for your package (in case you’re using an express carrier or recorded delivery).
    The Material > Orders tab will also be updated with tracking information, plus a direct tracking link if available.
  • Depending on the volume of your order and general traffic in our lab, typically allow 1-3 business days for DVD outgest and dispatch. Shipping duration will depend on the chosen carrier and delivery destination; most express carriers take 1-3 business days to common destinations (excluding customs delays or unforeseeable circumstances). If in doubt, please consult your carrier directly.