Tape outgest from/to other formats (e.g. NTSC)

Creating standard PAL files from non-standard file formats in order to outgest to PAL tape

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Placing a Transcode Order

Some files not conforming to our standard formats (IMX50 PAL MXF and XDCAM HD422 PAL MXF) can be transcoded to the necessary PAL standard format through a Transcode order. Then, the resulting file can be output to PAL tape using a regular Tape outgest order.

Otherwise, even if your files cannot presently be transcoded to standard formats, it may be possible to add the required transcoding profile.Please contact us for details.

For example, an Apple ProRes NTSC HD MOV file (provided its Material entry was assigned the correct File template before the file was added) can be transcoded to XDCAM HD422 PAL MXF via a Transcode order, which subsequently can be output to PAL tape.

Outgest to non-standard physical media or non-PAL tape

In some cases, we may not be able to offer a solution via the platform, such as:

  • Outgest to non-PAL tape (e.g. NTSC, 24p)
  • Outgest to non-standard tape formats/media (e.g. IMX tape, XDCAM Professional Disc, Bluray disc)

If this applies to you, we should however be able to accommodate your request through one of our service providers.Please contact us for availability and pricing, including some details on the type of source file and target physical media.