Aspera delivery: introduction and requirements

Please contact us for availability and pricing.

For the most reliable and efficient transfers, we offer Aspera delivery. Aspera has become an industry standard for secure, reliable and speedy delivery of high volumes of data and is practically invulnerable against problems commonly experienced during FTP/FTPS/SFTP deliveries.

The workflow is as follows:

  1. You push the deliverables to our Aspera Connect server by placing a Delivery order on the platform (using Aspera account credentials supplied to you by mediapeers).
  2. Afterwards, your client (provided they meet the requirements below) can pull the files from the server through a simple website at in their web browser. Simply provide them with the following details:
    • The website address for the Aspera server, i.e.
    • The same Aspera account credentials (login and password) you used when placing the Delivery order
    • Instructions to install the free Aspera Connect plugin (see below)

These requirements apply for accessing Aspera and downloading files from there:

  • Install the free Aspera Connect plugin, available here:
  • Check if these network ports are open in your network connection or corporate network:
    • TCP port 22
    • UDP ports 33001-33010 (UDP port 33001 is enough in principle, however multiple UDP ports are recommended to enable multiple concurrent downloads)
You may periodically be prompted to update the Aspera Connect plugin; please do so whenever this occurs.

By default, files downloaded via the Aspera Connect plugin will be deposited in a standard download destination such as a Downloads folder or your desktop. If you’d like to change this destination, right-click on the Aspera Connect icon in your system tray or taskbar, open Preferences and make the desired adjustment in the Transfers tab.

The Aspera Connect plugin offers pause and resume functions for each download. If the download should stop prematurely for some reason, you can also use the resume function. Furthermore, if the Aspera Connect plugin should not list the download anymore but the save destination still houses all originally deposited partial files (extensions might be .partial or .aspx), triggering a new download to the same destination will resume the download.

Our Aspera server can also be used to ingest larger volumes of master files efficiently. Please contact us for further information.