Aspera delivery: placing a Delivery Order

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Placing a Delivery Order

To deliver files to Aspera, have your Aspera login credentials at the ready, then go to Material > Orders and click New Order > Delivery, then follow the steps of the order wizard:

  1. Choose content: select the catalog entries you’d like to deliver files from. Simply start entering a title and search suggestions will be shown. Selecting a parent entry (such as a Series) will select all associated entries (such as Episodes). You can add as many entries as you’d like.
    For each entry you’ve added, an expandable file selection menu will appear. Click the arrow next to the title and asset types to expand the menu, then tick all files you’d like to deliver. To select all files in a sub-menu, tick the box next to the title of the sub-menu.
    Once you’ve made your selection, click Next.

Step 1: choose files to be delivered

Step 1: choose files to be delivered

  • Click Next again.
  • Specify a delivery destination: if you’ve made a delivery to Aspera before and/or saved your Aspera credentials as a Delivery profile, simply select it from the Delivery profile dropdown.
    if you haven’t delivered to Aspera before, click the New delivery profile button and enter your credentials as supplied by mediapeers. Take care while entering all data, and also modify the Protocol setting to FASP. As the Server address, enter Afterwards, click Save to continue: your selected Delivery profile will be tested immediately; an error message will be displayed in case no connection can be set up and/or the login credentials are incorrect.
    Afterwards, click Next.

  • Screen shot 29

    Choosing an existing Apera delivery profile

    Screen shot 51

    Entering a new Aspera delivery profile

  • Review and submit: review your delivery. Optionally you can add an Order comment as well as an Accounting reference which will be mentioned in your invoice. Also, you may change the file names from their default values, e.g. in case you’d like the delivered files’ names to reflect content titles.
    Click Submit to start the delivery.Manager, Affiliation admin only
    Alternatively, click Save to save all details (but not place the order).
  • Your Aspera delivery will be started and you will receive an automated confirmation email for your placed order.
  • Once all files have been deposited on the Aspera server, you will receive another email.
    Your client will now be able to login to the Aspera server at (using the same login credentials you have used) to retrieve the files.
    Alongside the files they will find an index file; this can be opened in any spreadsheet software and contains a detailed overview of all delivered files.
  • Note that files will be available for download for 14 days after successful delivery. They can only be downloaded once. If your client requires extended availability, please inform us – we may be able to keep the files on the Aspera server for a few more days. If it turns out that your client needs to download a file more than one time, please place the file on the Aspera server once again through a separate Delivery order.

    You can deliver to other Aspera servers besides mediapeers’ own by using the same steps as above and entering the provided server address and login credentials. Be aware that we cannot guarantee that delivery will be possible.

    You can use the Deliver function on a Cart to create a Delivery Order of all files included in the Cart.