Downloading files to your local hard disk via Delivery Order

Make sure you have popups enabled.Make sure that you have an up-to-date version of Java installled and enabled in your web browser.

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Placing a Delivery Order

To download one or multiple items (no matter if they are attached to the same or different catalog entries), you can use a Delivery Order. To do so, go to Material > Orders and click New Order > Delivery, then follow the steps of the order wizard:

  1. Choose content: select the catalog entries you’d like to download files from. Simply start entering a title and search suggestions will be shown. Selecting a parent entry (such as a Series) will select all associated entries (such as Episodes). You can add as many entries as you’d like.
    For each entry you’ve added, an expandable file selection menu will appear. Click the arrow next to the title and asset types to expand the menu, then tick all files you’d like to download. To select all files in a sub-menu, tick the box next to the title of the sub-menu.
    Once you’ve made your selection, click Next.

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Step 1: Choose the files to be downloaded

  • Click Next again.
  • Keep the correct delivery profile selected: make sure that Download to local hard disk is selected as the Delivery profile (this is the default setting).
    Afterwards, click Next.

  • Screen shot 24

    Step 3: Keep the default delivery profile selected

  • Review and submit your download. Optionally you can add an Order comment as well as an Accounting reference which will be mentioned in your invoice.
    Click Submit to start the download.Manager, Affiliation admin only
    Alternatively, click Save to save all details (but not place the order).

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    Step 4: Review and submit your order

  • The multi-file downloader will open in a new window and your download will begin to process immediately.You may refresh the popup window to resume any unfinished downloads that were held up e.g. by an interrupted internet connection.Make sure that popups are enabled in your web browser, and Java is enabled in your system and web browser. You also may need to allow Java run while the download window is launching.Note that when downloading a Material file, its download progress bar may not start moving straight away, as the file needs to be retrieved from the digital archive first. Once this has been completed, the file will start transfer to your hard disk. Please be patient if this preliminary step should take a while.

  • Afterwards, the download window will open

    Afterwards, the download window will open

    You can use the Deliver function on a Cart to create a Delivery Order of all files included in the Cart.