Delivery and download: introduction

Each file you add to the system – be it a Marketing Asset such as a streaming video, an Ancillary file such as a script or, crucially, a master Media File associated with a Material entry – can be retrieved and delivered at any time by using our Order functionality.

The Material > Orders section is your hub for all delivery functions. Here, you may place delivery orders as well as track their status and review order details. The following Delivery order types are available in this section:

  • Delivery: push delivery to your local hard disk, an FTP server, or an Aspera server
    Aspera is available on request; please contact us for further information.
  • Transcode: transcode a file from one format to another
  • Tape Shipping: creation of a physical tape from a file and subsequent shipmentCurrently, automated outgest is only possible in conjunction with major PAL formats; we can, however, accommodate other formats.
  • DVD Shipping: creation of a physical DVD from a file and subsequent shipment
In addition to the options above, you may also use the following processes, for which it is not necessary to place a Delivery order: