Analytics: detailed viewing statistics

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Viewing Analytics

Analytics: introduction

The Analytics module generates detailed statistics about your platform’s traffic and traffic sources. The various Analytics tabs will give you information on the most active companies and users, as well as most viewed and recommended programs. Each sub-tab comes with search functionality and can display additional detail view pages for each item. Furthermore, the Export to Excel functions lets you retrieve detailed viewing data in a spreadsheet format.

Viewing Analytics data on the platform

  • The Recommendations tab shows you what content was sent via Recommendation in the past and who recommended it. You can also see the exact date of the recommendation and when the content was last viewed.
    Please note that this tab only provides information for catalog entry recommendations (via single content or Selection recommendations), but not for Cart recommendations.
  • The Programs tab gives you information about catalog entries, i.e. the number of views per entry, video view durations, the most active viewer of that content, as well as the date of the last view.
    From the list view, click on an entry’s title to view further program details and a visualization of the data.
  • The Companies and Users tabs are somewhat similar and show content views and screening durations. The former provides information on company activity (and user activity within each company); the latter shows user activity.
    From the list view, click on a company or user name to view further details and a visualization of the data.
For each catalog entry, user and company, you can view a visualization of available data in the shape of a timeline-based plot showing views (blue columns) and aggregated views (yellow graph). Underneath the plot, you will find a sortable list of detailed data. In the graph area, press the mouse button, drag the pointer over an area and then release the mouse button in order to zoom into the graph.

In the various tabs and detail views, you may occasionally encounter a Company called Public views. This is used to subsume all views made by users not known to the system. This could be recipients of Recommendations who are not registered users (in this case the email address will still be listed), or visitors of the public portion of your catalog (if your MediaStore platform is configured to display this).

Note that the Analytics module only tracks activities performed by buyer Users and Companies. Activities by seller Users cannot be tracked centrally, but some are recorded on a per-content basis in a catalog entry‘s Timeline.

Using Export to Excel to retrieve more detailed statistics

Excel exports are available which include detailed “raw” Analytics data, down to each individual view, and featuring additional metadata. The following exports are available via the Export to Excel button:

  • Recommendations tab: Recommendation views; note that this export also features Cart Recommendations.
  • Programs tab:
    • Content: views of catalog entries
    • Selection: views of Selections
    • Video: views of individual video assets including video view durations
    • Ancillary: Ancillary asset downloads
Using the spreadsheet data available via the Export to Excel functions, you can correlate data to discover more details on user behavior. For example, you could correlate the export from the Recommendations tab with the data from the Programs tab’s Video export to find out which Recommendation messages yielded which individual video views including view durations. It’s best to use the Content ID to correlate data since it’s unique per title.
Another example would be to use the Recommendations export (listing Recommendation views) in conjunction with the export from the Content > Recommendations tab (listing all sent Recommendations, even those with no views) to determine overall response to all sent Recommendation messages.