Carts: custom collections of assets for presentation and download

Carts: introduction

A Cart is a tool for compiling a selection of assets for specific purposes. It allows you to:

  • Compile images, documents, screeners, media files etc. for personal use
  • Make these Carts of assets visible or downloadable to registered clients on your buyer platform (regardless of the included items’ individual access levels)
  • Send download links to these Carts via email to specific clients (regardless of the included items’ individual access level, or the access general level of the Cart)
For example, you can use a Cart to compile the latest promotional assets for a certain film and make this Cart available to all your buyer users. Or, you can collect all ancillary assets connected to a recently closed license deal and deliver them as a Cart to the licensee.

Using Carts

  • Creating a Cart: go to Material > Carts and click New Cart to create a new Cart. Whenever you create a new Cart, you will be prompted to set its Access level (default accessibility of items) as well as its Expires on date (the date on which the Cart will be deleted automatically). If you don’t want the Cart to be deleted, tick the Never expires checkbox.Later on, you can still change your Cart’s properties anytime by clicking Edit.When a Cart expires, the items you’ve added to it will not be deleted.
  • Adding items to Carts: you can select items for a Cart in the Marketing, Ancillaries and Materials tabs within the detail view of a catalog entry. Just tick the desired item(s) and click the Add to Cart button. Besides, you can go to MaterialMedia Files or MaterialAncillaries and add the desired items to a Cart in the same way.
    When you click on the Add to Cart button, a dialogue window appears. Choose an existing Cart or create a new one using the Add to new Cart button.

Screen shot 20

Adding items to a Cart

  • Delivering assets in Carts: in MaterialsCarts you can view all Carts created by you and other users from your company.
    • Cart Recommendation works very much like a catalog entry or Selection Recommendation: use this function to send download links to all items included in the Cart to any email recipient (set Access to Accessible), or merely send them a list of files without download capability (set Access to Viewable). In the Recommend dialog, simply type in the email address(es) of one or several recipients, choose when the download links should expire, and set the Cart Recommendation’s access level accordingly.You can view an overview of past Cart Recommendations via Material > Recommendations.
    • Tracking a Cart will bring you to a list the users who received the Cart via recommendation and eventually opened it.If the Track option is missing, the Cart hasn’t been recommended yet.
    • The Deliver option will deliver a Cart to your local hard disk or an FTP or Aspera destination in the same way as a regular Delivery Order.Only Carts including at least one file can be delivered.
  • Managing the access level of Carts: when you create a new Cart, you can decide on the access level you want your Cart to have. Use the drop-down menu Access to do so.
    • Private Carts will only be visible to you.
    • Unpublished Carts will be visible to you and your company.
    • Viewable Carts will be visible to everyone, including your company and registered buyer users; however, buyer users will not be able to download items from them.
    • Accessible Carts will be visible to registered buyer users as well as permit them to download of files to them.
  • Screen shot 44

    Setting the access level of a Cart

    The access level given to a Cart, or when using the Cart Recommend function, it always has priority over the general access level of the items in it, according to the rules (and exceptions) of the “most liberal access level wins” policy.For example, if you add Private assets to a Cart and then set the Cart to Accessible, your buyers will be able to preview and download all items. Similarly, if you recommend a Viewable Cart as Accessible, the recipient will be able to download items from it.