The Watchlist: your personal collection of earmarked content

Screen shot 43

Adding catalog entries to your Watchlist

Your Watchlist is a personal playlist of content for individual use. Regardless of the individual catalog entries in it, your Watchlist is visible only to you.

  • Adding catalog entries to your Watchlist: you can add entries to the Watchlist directly from the Catalog section. Hover your mouse pointer over an item and select Add to Watchlist, or go to item’s detail view page and select Add to Watchlist from the Add button. Optionally, you can add several entries from the catalog list view by ticking the respective checkboxes and selecting Add > Add to Watchlist.
  • Managing your Watchlist: go to Content > Watchlist to find all the items you added to your Watchlist. If you’d like to remove an entry from the list, tick the checkbox in the top left corner of an entry and click the Remove button. (Of course, this only removes it from your Watchlist and doesn’t delete the entry itself.)