Selections: custom collections of content

A Selection is a marketing tool that allows you to compile catalog entries into lists for preview and screening purposes.

Viewing Selections and creating a new Selection

For example, you can create a Selection by genre (documentaries, animated movies, etc.), or you can tailor a Selection to a specific client’s needs.

Go to ContentSelections and you’ll find all the Selections at your disposal, arranged by different tabs:

Click New Selection to create a new Selection. By hovering your mouse pointer over an entry, various actions such as Delete and Edit will become available.

The following options are available:

  • Adding catalog entries to a Selection: hover your mouse pointer over an entry in the catalog list view or go the the detail view of the entry, then choose Add to Selection in the drop-down menu Add. Optionally, you can tick several entries in the list view and select Add > Add to Selection. A dialogue window will appear: you can add your item to an existing Selection or create a new one on the spot.
    Alternatively, go to Content > Selections and Edit a Selection, then use the search form to start typing titles; search suggestions will appear. You may also use referencing identifiers such as Archive numbers (provided they have been entered into the catalog entry’s metadata) to add one or multiple catalog entries to a Selection.

Screen shot 47

Adding catalog entries to a Selection via Content > Catalog

Picture 1

Adding catalog entries to a Selection via Content > Selections > Edit

  • Managing a Selection’s access level: when creating a new Selection or editing an existing one, you can decide on the access level you want to assign to it – use the View menu to do so. The following access levels exist:
    • Private Selections will only be visible to you (and Affiliation admin users).
    • Company Selections will be visible to you and your company (but not to buyer users).
    • Published Selections will be visible to everyone, including your company and registered buyer users.
    • Public Selections are special System Selections which enable you to select the content that will be displayed to non-registered visitors of your public website. Public Selections cannot be created manually; furthermore these Selections cannot be deleted.A Selection with restricted access can still be sent to selected clients via Recommendation.

  • Changing a Selection's access level

    Changing a Selection’s access level

  • Changing the order of items in a Selection: open the Selection’s detail view page and simply drag and drop individual items to change their order.
  • Changing the order of items

    Changing the order of items