The “most liberal access level wins” policy

In short, this policy entails the following: by specifying privileged access settings which give certain ssers privileged access to an item, the item’s access level can only ever be increased, but not reduced.

For example:

  • Add an asset with status Unpublished to a Group, giving Group members Accessible access: the asset’s access level is increased to to Accessible for Members of this Group only. To all other users, the item will remain Unpublished.
  • Add a title with status Accessible to a Group, giving Group members Viewable access: even though the asset’s Group access level is set only to Viewable, the item will be Accessible to Members of the Group.

In other words, it is not possible to lower an item’s access level for specific users only. If you need to restrict access to an asset, please set its global access level as low as generally required, then increase it for specific users only.

There is one exception: when a Recommendation includes Accessible items but the Recommendation message is sent with status Viewable, the items will not be downloadable via the message. The purpose of this is to enable “preview” recommendation messages.