Access level of files

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Changing the access level of files

As with catalog entries, the access level of any file (Marketing asset, Ancillary asset or Material entry) can be modified at any time via its editing dialog. The following access levels are available:

  • Private: only visible to you personally (and to Affiliation admin seller users), not to other seller or buyer Users.
  • Unpublished: visible only to seller Users, not to your clients.
  • Viewable: visible to buyer Users, but not downloadable.
  • Accessible: visible to seller Users as well as downloadable. Does not apply to Image and Video assets, which are never downloadable (unless your platform uses a custom feature to this effect).
Depending on how the buyer side of your platform is configured, it is likely that there is effectively no difference between access levels Viewable and Accessible concerning Marketing assets and Material entries, as download access to these file types is typically not available universally.