Access level of catalog entries

The following access levels are available:

  • Complete: this is the standard setting applied to any newly created catalog entry; it is visible only to seller Users, not to your clients.
  • Published: the catalog entry has been fully prepared, but is not yet visible to your clients.This is only the first status in the two-step publishing process, which is designed to permit a four-eyes principle.only Managers and Affiliation admins can publish content
  • Verified: the catalog entry is visible to your clients.This the second and final status in the two-step publishing process.only Affiliation admins can verify content
  • Private: only visible to you personally (and to Affiliation admin seller users), not to any other seller or buyer Users.only Managers and Affiliation admins can privatize content
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Changing the access level of an entry

The access level of any catalog entry can be modified by using either the respective links in the Catalog list view, or by using the respective button (which changes inbetween Change status, Publish, Verify and Unpublish depending on the current status) on the catalog entry detail view page.

When changing the status of a parent entry (such as a Series) that includes several subordinate entries (such as Episodes), the status change will applied to all associated catalog entries. Depending on the amount of associated entries, it may take a short while before the status has been updated on all of them.