Materials: ingesting tapes

Tape ingest: introduction

We can take care of ingesting your materials from a tape by using one of our service providers. These tape formats can be ingested:

  • Digital Betacam
  • Betacam SP
  • Other media available on request

These file formats will be used for digitization of your tapes:

Ingesting PAL tapes

Screen shot 34

Placing a tape ingest order

Having created a Material entry for your PAL tape (including a Material number that we will be able to use to allocate your tape correctly), go to Material > Orders and click New order > Tape ingest, then follow the steps of the order wizard:

  1. Choose content: select the catalog entry you’d like to ingest a tape for searching by title and clicking on one of the search suggestions. If you’d like to ingest more than one tape (whether for the same catalog entry, or for several different ones), simply add more entries to the list. To automatically create a screener file (which will become available to view on the platform), tick the Screener? box next to an entry.
    Afterwards, click Next.
Picture 1

Step 1: select Material entries


  • Confirm or modify target files: the target files will be displayed, including audio configuration. In most cases, there is no need to change anything, as files will be ingested from tape on a 1:1 basis.
    If required, you can change the audio configuration. To do so, delete at least one of the default audio tracks from the target file entry, then drag-and-drop the preferred audio track from the tape entry.If you’ve got a tape with more than 8 used audio tracks (e.g. HDCAM SR), the first 8 tracks will be ingested by default. Take care to select the required tracks in case the default selection is not correct in this case.
    Afterwards, click Next.


Picture 2

Step 2: confirm file configuration


  • Enter return address: specify the address the tape(s) should be shipped back to after ingest has been completed.
    By default, we will cover the reshipment costs and invoice them to you later. If you’d like to supply your own express carrier account, select your carrier of choice in the Carrier field and enter your account number in the Carrier account field.
    Afterwards, click Next.


Picture 3

Step 3: enter a return address


  • Review and submit: review your order. Optionally you can add an Order comment as well as an Accounting reference which will be mentioned in your invoice.
    Afterwards, click Submit to place the order.Affiliation admin only
    Alternatively, click Save to save all details (but not place the order).


Picture 4

Step 4: confirm and submit

As submitting an order cannot be undone without considerable manual interaction through mediapeers, please take extra care during this step. If you need to cancel a Tape Ingest Order that has already been submitted, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • Dispatch tapes: after submitting your order, our lab’s address will be displayed to you. Please dispatch the tapes to this address.Do not send tapes to our office address, as they cannot be processed there.


Tapes cannot be stored at our facilities free of charge. If you require long-term storage and/or tape-on-loan management, please contact us for more information.

Ingesting NTSC tapes, other non-PAL tapes, and other tape/disc formats

We will most likely be able to ingest your materials, however the process may require a different workflow. Please contact us for availability and pricing, giving us some information on the type of material you’d like to ingest.