Adding and editing Ancillary assets

Ancillary assets are any additional documents or files that can be added to your catalog entry for storing and/or sharing purposes, such as scripts, cue sheets, promotional documents and high-resolution production stills.

Screen shot 39

Adding Ancillary assets

You can add Ancillary assets to your catalog entry by following these steps:

  1. Open the content you’d like to add assets to.
  2. Click New > Ancillary.
  3. In the pop-up window, specify the type of your asset and the access level you want the asset to have.If the asset should not be visible to clients, choose Unpublished or Private.
  4. Add one or several files by drag-and-dropping them into the Add files… field.If you’re using Internet Explorer, drag-and-drop is not possible; please click Add files… to select files.
  5. You can optionally fill in metadata such as Language, Target Geography and Synopsis.
  6. Click Save to start the upload.
  7. After the upload has completed, refresh the page to see your Ancillary assets being displayed in the Ancillaries tab. You will also be able to view them in the Material section under the Ancillaries tab.
  8. Now the Ancillary assets are available; metadata can still be edited if necessary. Also, the Ancillaries can be added to Carts for bulk sharing purposes.
Size limit is 3 GB. To upload and store master video files and other large items, use a Material entry instead.