Managing your Address book

The Address book: introduction

Besides the database for registered Companies and Users, the Clients section also comprises access to your Address book. In the Address Book tab, the following sub-tabs are available:

  • Companies: overall Company entries, which may also be used to group one or multiple individual Contacts
  • Contacts: individual Contacts, each belonging to one Company
  • Lists: custom groups of Contacts

Accessing your Address book

The Address book is automatically filled with each registered Company and User. Additionally, you can manually add entries.

The Address book is useful for a couple of cases:

  • Keeping an up-to-date contact database, no matter if the Companies and Contacts are registered on the platform or not
  • Looking up email and postal addresses, e.g. when sending out email Recommendations or placing Shipping Orders
  • Sending out email campaigns via our optional Campaign toolAvailable only if the Campaign tool has been activated
Note that Users from your seller Company (i.e. your colleagues with access to the editorial and adminstrative features of the platform) are not synced into the Address book. If you’d like to add Contact entries for these Users, please do so manually, as explained here.

Maintaining your Address book

Picture 2

Adding a Contact to a List

Maintaining your Address book is similar to maintaining your database of registered Companies and Users:

  • To add a new Company entry, go to Clients > Address Book > Companies and click the New company button, then fill in at least the mandatory fields (marked *) and click Submit.
  • To add a new Contact entry, go to Clients > Address Book > Contacts and click the New contact button, then fill in at least the mandatory fields (marked *) and click Submit. It is necessary to specify the Contact’s Company by using the search function in the Company field.
    Alternatively, go to Clients > Address Book > Companies, hover your mouse pointer over an entry and click Add Contact, or open a Company entry and use its Users tab to add a Contact.
  • To add Contacts to a List, go to either the Companies or Contacts tab, tick the checkboxes next to the Companies or Users you’d like to add, then click the Add to list button.
    Alternatively, open a Contact’s detail view and use the List subscriptions section.When adding a Company to a List, all associated Contacts will be added in one go.
  • To view and edit your Lists, go to Clients > Address Book > Lists. To modify a List’s title or add a comment, use the Edit link. To view a List’s entries in detail, click the List’s title; in the detail view you can also remove Contacts from the List by using the checkboxes and the Remove button.
  • To edit your Companies and Contacts, click on a Company or Contact name and click the Edit button on the detail view page, or use the Edit link straight from the list view.
  • To delete Companies, Contacts or Lists, open the respective tab, tick the checkboxes next to the entries you’d like to delete and click the Delete button.
Unlike registered Companies and Users, entries in the Address book only require minimal mandatory data (company name, user name, email address) and can therefore be added quickly if desired.