Managing registered Companies and Users

Once a client has completed the registration process, it is possible anytime to edit account data, invite further Users into an existing Company account, or delete User and Company accounts.

Most editing features listed here are available for Manager and Affiliation admin users only

  • View your registered Companies and Users by navigating to Clients > Companies (reg.) and Clients > Users. Within these searchable lists click on any Company or User name to view their data in detail and use the editing functionality if required. It is not possible to change a User’s email address; to accommodate this, please delete the current User account and send an Invitation to the new email address.
  • Invite a new User into an existing Company account by opening the Company account that they should be invited into and navigate to the Invitations tab. Click the New user button, fill in the required data, including the preferred buyer Platform role, and click Submit. The new user will immediately receive an email including a link to set their password and login for the first time. Note that the correct Company account must be present in order to invite a User from this Company. Please create a new Company account in case the required Company account doesn’t exist yet.
  • Create a new Company account by going to Clients > Companies (reg.) and clicking the New Company button. On the ensuing page, enter at least mandatory details (fields are marked *), then click Create. A new Company account will be created which you can, for instance, invite new Users into (see above) or reassign existing Users to (see below). This function can be useful in cases where you’d like to forego the regular client registration process, which intitially requires the client to actively submit a registration, and directly invite them into the system
  • Reassign a User from one Company account to another by clicking Reassign either in the Clients > Users list view or on a User’s detail page. This will allow you to move that User from their existing Company to another one – useful e.g. in case they have left their previous company and joined a new one, but are still an active client.
  • Delete a User or Company Account by using the Delete function in the list or detail view. All affected Users will not be able to login anymore. Deleting a Company account immediately deletes all its User accounts as well.
  • View all pending Invitations by going to Clients > Invitations. This view gives you a summary of all Invitations that have been sent out, but not yet activated by the recipient.
Note that it is also possible for clients to edit their Company and User account data themselves.

For troubleshooting, please see the user login troubleshooting page.

Managing registered Companies

Managing registered Users directly