Client registrations

The client registration workflow: introduction

Whenever a new client registers, you decide whether or not to grant them access. In any case, a registration first needs to be submitted by your client by using the registration form on the public portion of the platform. The client registration process is as follows:

  1. Your client fills in and submits their registration using the public registration form.
  2. By opening the Clients > Registrations tab, you view all currently open registrations.You can also elect to receive an automatic email notification whenever a registration comes in. Please contact us if this is not already in place.
  3. You review the incoming registration and decide whether you’d like to grant access to the applicant.
  4. Once you’ve activated the registration, the client receives an email with a link to complete the registration process.
  5. After the client has followed this link and completed the process, they can access the platform (and will show up as registered in your Clients section).
Note that, alternatively to the client registration process outlined here, you can also create new Company entries yourself into which you can then directly invite clients as new Users. This way, you don’t depend on the client actively submitting a registration – they will merely need to activate their account through a link in the invitation email.

If a client submits a registration using an email address which is already associated with an existing user account, a password reset link will be sent to that email address. They should simply use this link to regain access; you will not need to follow the process outlined here in order to grant them access.

How to grant or reject access to clients

Processing registrations

Processing registrations

These interactions are available to process registrations:

  • View your pending registrations by logging into the seller site and navigating to Clients > Registrations. Here you will find a searchable list of all registrations that have not been completed yet.
  • Accept a pending registration by clicking Activate while hovering your mouse pointer over the registration in question. The client will immediately receive an email including a link to set up their password and login for the first time. After this process has been fully completed by the client, the pending registration will disappear, and a new Company account for the client’s company, including a User account for the person at hand, will be created.You can also Reactivate any registration that was previously activated in case the client has not reacted to the previous activation. This will resend the activation email to the client.Manager and Affiliation admin only
  • Assign a pending registration to an existing Company account in order to consolidate multiple Users from one company, if at least one other person from that company has already completed their registration. Click the Assign link to be presented with a list of suggested Company accounts to assign this new User to one of them. Alternatively, you may search for an existing Company account by using the search field at the bottom. Click the Assign button to add the new User to the selected Company account.This option is highly suggested, whenever it’s possible to apply it. Multiple Users, when consolidated in one Company account, are able to share screening Selections more easily; furthermore, your Company and User database will be less cluttered by duplicate Company entries.Manager and Affiliation admin only
  • Reject a pending registration by clicking Reject. An email will be immediately sent to the applicant, informing them that access has not been granted to them.Manager and Affiliation admin only
  • Delete a pending registration by clicking Delete. The registration entry will be removed, but no information will be sent to the applicant.Manager and Affiliation admin only
If a new user should ask about joining an existing Company account on the platform, or if you’d like to add an additional user to an existing Company account, there is no need to ask them to submit a new Company registration. Instead, please use the Invitation functionality within the existing Company account.


For troubleshooting, please see the user login troubleshooting page.