Modifying your seller User data


  • To edit your User data, click your User name in the top right corner. Here, use the pencil icon to make changes to any details as required.Note that you cannot change your email address. If your email address has changed, have an Affiliation admin user delete your current User account, then send you an invitation to your new email address.

    Picture 2

    Changing your User data

  • To change or reset your password, log into the platform, go to your account data and click the pencil icon next to Login data to introduce the changes. You can also use the Forgot your password? link on the public site when not logged in. In either case, an email with a link to set up a new password will be sent to you.
  • Change your Platform role by opening your account data and clicking the pencil icon near the bottom.Affiliation admin only (if you are not an Affiliation admin, ask a colleague with this role to change your Platform role)
  • By changing your Email roles, you can determine which types of automated emails you’ll receive:
    • Transactional: offer and contract notifications (only relevant for users of the Workflow module)
    • Financial: invoicing notifications (only relevant for users of the Workflow module)
    • Technical: Material order and delivery notifications