[Fremantle] Assistant Groups

This information applies to the Fremantle implementation of MediaStore only.

The purpose of Assistant Groups is to define CC recipients for the registration notifications sent to Sales Contacts when a new client registers. The concept is simple: For each Sales contact (as defined in the Sales Contacts Special Purpose Groups), it is possible to set up one discrete Assistant Group. Within this Assistant Group, any users will be CC’d on the registration notification.

To create an Assistant Group, go to Groups > Assistants and click Add New. In the new group’s General tab, define a Sales Contact as the User – furthermore, it makes sense to use that Sales Contact’s name as the Assistant Group’s Name too. Next, in the group’s Users tab, add any users who should be CC’d on registration notifications sent to the specified Sales Contact.

To manage an Assistant Group, go to Groups > Assistants and select the Sales Contact’s group you’d like to edit, then add/remove users to/from its Users tab to define the CC recipients.