[Fremantle] Promo Groups

This information applies to the Fremantle implementation of MediaStore only.

Promo Groups can be used to populate promotional pages on the client site which focus on a single specific video, such as a topical market-related promo, plus links to any related Products. These promotional pages can then be featured directly on the client-site landing page via the main ‘hero’ slider and/or the Programmes & Series slider.

  1. Create the Promo Group
    1. Go to Groups > Collections.
    2. Use Add New to create a new Group and enter its title (this will appear as the promo page title to clients).
    3. Ensure that the group’s Access is set to Viewable.
  2. Add featured Products to the Promo Group
    1. Go to the Group’s Products tab.
    2. Use Add to add Products (for series content, be sure to only add Season entries).
      • Alternatively: go to Products and use Actions > Add to Group to add a Product to a Promo Group.
    3. In the Add to Group dialog, untick Apply Access level to assigned Assets, then confirm.
    4. Ensure that all Products in the Group are at a General Access of at least Viewable – if not, increase their General Access accordingly in the individual Products’ detail pages.
    5. In the Promo Group’s Products tab, use Sort to determine the order in which the titles will appear to clients.
  3. Upload the featured video Asset and add it to the Promo Group
    1. Go to Assets and use Upload New to start uploading a video.
    2. In the upload dialogue, set Access to Viewable (plus: Language to English, Status to Available); for Type, choose either of the following according to the effect you desire:
      1. Video/Promo: Video will only be playable to logged-in clients.
      2. Video/Trailer: Video will be playable to both public visitors and logged-in clients.
    3. Start the upload and wait for it to finish, then close the upload dialog.
    4. After upload has finished, wait for the platform-side ingest to finish – this may take a short while (while this is ongoing, a notification saying Ingesting will appear in the Asset detail or list view).
    5. Open the video Asset’s detail page.
    6. Use Actions > Add to Group to start assigning the video to the Promo Group.
    7. In the assignment dialogue, under Group, select Collections in the dropdown, then start typing the Group title of your desired Promo Group, and confirm.
    8. Back in the Promo Group’s detail view, the video should now appear in its Assets tab.
  4. Add the preview image to the Promo Group
    1. Open the Promo Group’s detail view (via Groups > Collections).
    2. In the upper right corner, click Actions > Upload Preview.
    3. Drop in the file and click Upload.
    4. Wait for the upload to finish, then close the upload dialog.
    5. Wait for a short moment, then refresh the page – the image should appear above the Promo Group’s General tab.
  5. Publish the Promo Group as a client-facing promotional page
    1. Go to the hero slider Group or Programmes & Series slider Group (via Groups > Special Purpose) and open its detail view.
    2. Go to the Collections tab.
    3. Click Add and select the desired Promo Group (start typing to bring up suggestions).
    4. If multiple Promo Groups are successively added to a slider, the most recently added Promo Group will appear first in the respective slider on the client site (to change the order, remove the Promo Groups from the given slider Group’s Collections tab and re-add them in the desired order).
    5. In case you’d like to tweak the public visibility of a video (see 3.2. above), you may edit a video asset’s Type between Video/Promo and Video/Trailer anytime on the asset detail page.