First steps in MediaStore

The following are some suggested first steps to take when you’re new to MediaStore and would like to start using it productively or test-drive its core functions. Of course, this page is not exhaustive; please refer to the full user guide for detailed information on the entire MediaStore platform.Links to suggested further reading are provided after the steps introduced here.

Adding additional users

  • To invite colleagues to use the platform, please click your company name (in the top right corner) to open your company details, then open the Invitations tab and click New user to send an invitation link via email. Several tiers of user privileges are available, from Agent (only basic marketing functionality) to Affiliation admin (all functionality).
    Seller user Platform roles
    Invite seller users
  • Your clients can sign up to use the platform via its public registration form. Afterwards, you can review pending registrations via Clients > Registrations and decide whether or not to grant them access.
    The client registration workflow

Adding content

  1. To add content to your catalog all you need is some basic metadata to create a new entry. Start by selecting Content > Catalog > New Content and then select one of the following: Format, Series, Season or Program.
    Structuring a catalog entry
  2. Once selected, fill out the form with as much metadata as you like; mandatory fields are marked with a *. When the form is complete, press Save at the bottom of the page.
    How to add and edit basic metadata
  3. Your entry will then be automatically added to the catalog with the access level set to Complete. There are four different access levels available. Modifying the access level can be done through the links in the catalog list or by using the Change Status button at the top of the page.
    Introduction to access levels
    Access levels of catalog entries

Adding assets

Now you have your new content entry, it’s time to start adding marketing (images and videos) and ancillary assets (documents such as; scripts, cue sheets, production notes).

  1. Choose the catalog entry you would like to add an asset to from the catalog list. Once selected click New at the top of the entry; here you can select which type of asset to upload. A pop up window will appear prompting you to upload the file. Fill out the mandatory fields by specifying the type of asset and which access level the asset should have (Unpublished and Private assets are not viewable to clients).
    Access levels of assets
  2. Drag and drop the files you want uploaded to the Add files field, then click Save and the upload will begin.
    Adding marketing assets
    Adding ancillary assets
  3. Please note this may take some time depending on the size of the asset. As soon as the asset has been uploaded the pop up window will prompt you to reload the catalog entry page, which will display the new assets. When uploading a video file please note that MediaStore uses the H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10 AVC (MP4) standard for online streaming. The platform will attempt to convert other formats.
    Recommended streaming video specifications

Essential marketing functions

  • Selections are essentially compilations of several titles. These can be presented to all logged-in buyers or kept unpublished and used only for targeted screening links. To put together a Selection, select either Add to Selection from the Content > Catalog list view or Add > Add to Selection from the catalog entry detail view. You can view and manage your Selections via Content > Selections.
    Selections and their visibility/access level
  • System Selections are special Selections usually used to populate the public portion of your platform with featured content. To view the current line-up of public highlights, go to Content > Selections > System Selections. You can edit these Selections in the same way as regular Selections.
    Selecting featured content for your public site
  • The Recommendation function is a tool to send screening links via email to any recipient. Recipients will be able to preview selected titles and videos via a restricted, temporary screening page.
    1. The feature can be accessed by clicking Recommend on either a single catalog entry or a Selection.
    2. In the Recommendation dialogue, you can enter up to 50 recipients.
    3. Two further crucial aspects can be determined: the validity of the screening link (Preview valid for and Preview valid up to) and the individual videos to be included. In addition, ticking Login/Register required will restrict the link to registered users only.
    4. Once you’re happy with all settings, click Send to dispatch the message immediately.
  • The MediaStore iPad application is an optional add-on. It allows you to sync selected titles and videos to your iPad for offline screening, e.g. in sales meetings or at markets. Recommendation messages can be prepared directly in the app and a second-screen function for video playback on larger screens is available.
    The MediaStore iPad application

Asset delivery

Carts can be used to compile multiple assets for delivery to a client. Download links to these selections of assets can then be dispatched via email.

  1. Use the Add to Cart button in the Marketing, Ancillaries and Materials tab of a catalog entry to add any of its associated assets to Cart.
  2. You can review and edit your Carts via Material > Carts.
  3. Here, you can also Recommend a Cart in order to send a download link to any recipient. In the Recommend dialog, simply enter the recipient email address(es) and an Expiry date for the download link; also be sure to set Access to Accessible. Clicking Send will dispatch the download link immediately.