Editing the CMS-based public contact page

Your CMS-based public contact page: introduction

Your MediaStore platform may include either a static contact page or a dynamic, CMS-based one. Any CMS functionality is usually an added feature. If you’re unsure whether your public contact page can be modified through CMS-based functions, please contact us.

On the CMS-based public contact page, the listed company contacts can be dynamically edited through MediaStore by way of the Address book. In addition to names and contact information, images may also be managed here.

In case your public contact page lists contacts by department: While the company contacts can be managed via CMS functionality, the separate sections of contacts (e.g. Management, Sales, Acquisitions) and listed company address(es) cannot be edited. They are initially set up during implementation, however if you need to have them edited, please contact us.

Adding a contact to the public contact page

To add a contact to the company contacts listed on the public contact page, please follow these steps:

  1. Find or set up the Contact entry to be added: Go to the Address book‘s Contacts tab (Clients > Address book > Contacts) and check if the person you’d like to add is already listed as a Contact entry. If not, please add them by clicking New Contact.The following fields from the Contact entry are typically displayed on the public contact page: First name, Last name, Function, Phone, Email, Image (a square image file). However, your implementation may deviate from this standard. If in doubt, please check the public contact page to verify which fields are being displayed for the currently listed contacts.
  2. Find the List to add the Contact entry to: Move over to the Lists tab (Clients > Address book > Lists). Apart from any Lists used internally by your team, you should find one or several lists corresponding to the contact list(s) displayed on the public contact page – the title of the List in the Lists tab should correspond to the title of the contact section you’d like to edit.
  3. Add the Contact entry to the List: Now that you know which List to add the Contact to, move back to the Contacts tab and open the Contact you’re about to add. In its List subscriptions section click the “+” icon, select the List they should be added to and save.
    Alternatively, stay in the Contacts tab’s list view, tick the Contact in question and click Add to List.
  4. Optionally, define the order in which contacts should be displayed: In the Lists tab, open the List you’ve been adding to. Click Edit to bring up a a free-text Comments field. Here, you have the option to define the order in which contacts should be displayed by listing the job titles from the Contacts’ Function field in the required order, separated by semicolon.For instance, if you wanted to display the “Head of Sales” first, followed by several contacts with the “Sales Executive” title and finally the “Team Assistant”, you should enter the following into the Comments field: “Head of Sales;Sales Executive;Team Assistant”. Of course, this presupposes that these titles are already present in the featured Contact entries’ Function fields.
Please be aware that while it’s possible to modify the Contact entries in a List, you must not modify the titles of any of the Lists related to the public contact page. Doing so would stop any List with an edited List title from being displayed there.

Modifying or removing a contact

To modify a contact’s details (including the Image):

  1. Go to the Contacts tab (Clients > Address book > Contacts).
  2. Open the Contact entry to be edited.
  3. Edit it to make the required changes.

To remove a Contact entry from a List and thereby stop it from displaying on the public contact page:

  1. Go to the Clients tab (Clients > Address book > Lists).
  2. Open the List to be edited.
  3. Tick the Contact to be removed and click the Remove button.
    Alternatively, open the Contact entry in Clients > Address book > Contacts and edit its List subscriptions to remove it from a List.