Release notes: 24 November 2014

  • On the seller (and branded site buyer) site, sequential navigation was introduced to enable direct back-and-forth navigation between e.g. Episodes assigned to the same Season or Series.
  • A global content search field was added to the seller (and branded site buyer) site, giving the user instant access to the content search from any page.
  • New awards were added and are now available to select:
    • New York Festivals – World’s Best TV & Films
    • Abu Dhabi Film Festival
    • Instanbul International Film Festival
    • Indie Lisboa
    • New Horizons International Film Festival
    • Busan International Film Festival
    • Black Nights Film Festival Tallinn
    • Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
    • Doha Tribeca Film Festival
    • Kinofest Lünen
    • Fantastic Fest
  • Various smaller tweaks were implemented.
  • Various customer-specific changes and features were deployed.