Troubleshooting: iPad sync

Common problem descriptions

  • I cannot sync content/video to the iPad application.
  • Sync to the iPad application stops prematurely.
  • During the sync process, the iPad application displays an error message.
  • Some content/video is missing or incorrect in the iPad application.
  • On videos, the audio is silent and cannot be adjusted.
  • Sync to the iPad application is slow.

Suggested resolutions

  • Have you installed the latest version of the iPad application? Please read how to retrieve it here (also take note of the required iOS version). Note that obsolete versions of the application will not work.
  • Is your user account enabled for iPad sync? Please check your user account overview (click your name in the upper-right corner) to see if it says iPad sync enabled below your name.
  • Have you enabled any Selection(s) for iPad sync? Please login to the platform and check Content > iPad Sync – if nothing is shown, you should enable at least one Selection for iPad sync (this can be done via Content > Selections and clicking Enable sync next to a Selection; note that by default, all videos except of the Screener type are marked for sync, but you can Edit sync to enable more/other videos). Afterwards, please sync the iPad application again. Note that only content and videos specifically enabled for sync will appear in the iPad application.
  • Are all catalog entries you have enabled for sync assigned to a Category? As navigation inside the iPad application takes place via Categories, each title must be assigned to at least one. Please review all enabled catalog entries’ metadata to ensure to a Category (i.e. genre) is assigned in the Key Information.
  • Are any catalog entries part of multiple Selections enabled for sync? This can cause issues, especially when e.g. all screeners from a title are ticked for sync in one Selection, but none from the same title are ticked in another Selection. Please avoid any such overlaps or duplications and edit your sync-enabled Selections if required.
  • In the iPad application, are you logged in with the same user account (via Settings > Account) as the one you have used to enable Selections for sync on the platform? The accounts must match.
  • Does your iPad have sufficient storage space to hold all files you have currently enabled for sync? If not, sync will stop at an incomplete status. On the platform, check Content > iPad Sync for an overview of assets enabled for sync and the total required storage space. In the iPad application’s Settings, you may also determine Storage used by assets and Storage available on device. You can also verify your iPad’s free space in the iPad’s settings. If the iPad is out of storage space, please move back to MediaStore and use Edit sync or Disable sync on one or more of your Selections enabled for iPad sync in order to reduce the number of video assets or titles altogether.
  • Is your iPad connected to a stable wireless connection featuring sufficient bandwidth? You can e.g. search for “speedtest” in the App Store to retrieve an app which will let you check your iPad’s connectivity. A download speed of at least 10 Mbit/s is recommended. If this is not given in your situation, sync is likely to take very long and potentially suffer from interruptions; please consider syncing via a faster and/or more reliable wireless connection if possible. Often, physically moving closer to the wireless router in your location/office will already increase sync speed and reliability.
  • Are you syncing the iPad application via a mobile carrier (3G/4G), i.e. outside the reach of a wireless connection? We strongly advise you not to do so, as the amount of data involved in a typical sync operation will very likely exceed your mobile contract’s monthly data allowance, beyond which your connection will either be slowed down significantly, subject to high extra fees, or cut off entirely (especially when roaming, i.e. using the iPad abroad).
  • In the iPad application’s Settings dialog, does it say Last Sync status: complete? If not, please Start Sync again (to resume sync where it left off) or Wipe and resync (to start sync from scratch).
  • In the iPad application’s Settings dialog, in the Account sub-menu, does it say Server: If not, please change the setting to
  • Have you added a new screener to a catalog entry which was already part of a Selection enabled for sync, and now that screener isn’t appearing on the iPad? Be aware that any new videos except of the Screener type will enabled for sync automatically, so if you’ve added a new screener, you will have to Edit sync on the Selection first to enable it for sync.
  • Have you added new catalog entries to a Selection which was already enabled for sync? For this newly added content, be aware that by default, all videos except of the Screener type will be marked for sync, so you may need to Edit sync on the Selection to select/deselect videos to match your requirements.
  • Have you changed the order of images and/or videos on the platform after already syncing a title? If a title is currently synced to the iPad already, any change to the order of assets made on the platform will not carry over into the iPad application. If this is a problem, please disable the title from sync (by removing it from the synced Selection or disabling sync on it), then resync the iPad application to remove it there as well. Subsequently, enable the title for sync again, and resync the iPad once more.
  • If all potential issues mentioned above can be ruled out, please use Wipe & resync in the iPad application’s Settings to erase all assets and start an entirely fresh sync (this will newly transfer all data from scratch; be aware that this process may take some time). If this doesn’t solve the issue either, please delete the iPad application from your iPad (long-tap, then tap the “x” icon) and reinstall it from the App Store, then sync again.
  • If you are having audio issues, have you configured your iPad’s audio buttons to adjust screen orientation manually? If so, please return screen orientation to automatic, as the manual setting may interfere with audio playback. Please refer to Apple support in case you’re uncertain whether this setting is active on your iPad or how to change it.
  • If your issue persists nevertheless, please contact us (ideally providing a detailed description of the issue including any error messages).