Selecting featured content for your public site, adding Category images and designating content as “HD” or “4K”

Selecting featured content

Only Managers and Affiliation admins may make these changes.

Your public site (visible to any visitors without logging in) can usually be filled with a choice of featured content. To achieve this, a number of System Selections exist which carry the special access level Public. These can be accessed via Content > Selections > System Selections and filled and edited just like other Selections.

Editing System Selections

These are the two Selections available to branded site customers:

  • Featured Content: the main slideshow on the public site.
  • Program highlights: the three smaller programs highlighted below the slideshow.
Note that any catalog entries added to these Selections should feature an image with an aspect ratio of 16:9. If several images are present, the first image with a landscape aspect ratio (width>height) will be displayed. Bear in mind that images not matching a 16:9 aspect ratio will be cropped to fill the frame.

The default branded site Featured Content slideshow is limited to a maximum of five titles. Any titles beyond this will not be shown even if they’ve been added to the Featured Content System Selection. However, this behavior may be different on platforms including customizations and/or additional preview carousels.

If your platform features customizations and/or additional preview carousels (e.g. genre-specific highlights), the respective Selections may be titled differently. Simply look for them in the System Selections tab.

Adding Category images

By default, Categories are visually represented by a rotation of images taken from content assigned to that Category.

In Content > Categories, click the pencil icon on a Category, then select an image file to upload.

Adding a custom Category image

Optionally, you can upload a dedicated static preview image to override this behavior. To do so, go to Content > Categories and click the pencil icon next to a Category.

This will only have any effect on your buyer platform if it includes an image-based Category navigation, such as on a branded site.

Designating content as “HD” or “4K”

A “HD” or “4K” icon can be made to display next to a catalog entry’s title in order to designate it as a high-resolution production. In order to display this icon, the catalog entry needs to contain a Material entry with the required resolution. This can be a “dummy” Material entry with no actual file attached. Please take these steps:

  1. Open the catalog entry to which the “HD” or “4K” icon should be attached.
  2. Set up a Material entry with the following properties:
    1. Format type: File
    2. Display horizontal and vertical resolution:
      • To display the “HD” icon: 1920 x 1080
      • To display the “4K” icon: 3840 x 2160 or 4096 x 2160
    3. All other mandatory fields in the Material entry can be filled with dummy values.
  3. Save the Material entry; if the expected icon should not immediately appear in the Content > Catalog list view, please perform a short edit (e.g. insert a space into the Accounting reference) on the catalog entry itself.
To save yourself the hassle of having to set up a new Material entry from scratch for each catalog entry, we recommend adding suitable default Material entries to your company account’s default formats so you can simply duplicate them later.

This will only have any effect on your buyer platform if it includes the capability to display “HD” and “4K” icons, such as on a branded site.