Release notes

Release notes: 1 June 2015

  • In Analytics, the Videos export now features more info on views performed by non-logged in users and visitors.
  • Various smaller fixes as well as customer-specific features and tweaks were implemented.

Release notes: 7 May 2015

  • New client Anderson Digital has joined us with a branded site which will later receive a custom design overhaul.
  • In the Rights module, the Availability Report now features a Category filter to limit the displayed availabilities to specific genres only.
  • Catalog entries (on branded sites and in the backend) can now be flagged as “4K” by adding a Material entry with the required resolution.

Release notes: 27 April 2015

  • We welcome new client Alchemy, who (for now) are using a branded site with some customizations such as specific metadata sets.
  • The Rights module received a few updates, some of which have been requested frequently:
    • A contract Show view gives a compressed overview of contractual data without any editing functions.
    • In the Availability Reports, new Excel exports give you the option to generate short (without metadata) and long (with key metadata) reports, as well as to include or exclude Asking and Taking Prices.
    • Also in the Availability Reports, a search function as well as a Category filter were added.
    • When setting up a new Contract Out, any missing rights or conflicts with already taken rights will be flagged up with a specific error message which lists the exact nature of the error, rather than the previous generic notification.
    • The Territory Report has been renamed to Availability Report to reflect is nature and usage more accurately.
    • Both the Content Report and Availability Report tabs now feature a color key for easier identification of report results.
    • A small but useful update: if a contract consists multiple rights blocks, these are now separated by a horizontal line to make the distinction more obvious.
  • In the Content > Recommendations tab, an Excel export listing all sent Recommendations was added which lists key data for all Recommendations (even those with no views). Combined with the existing Excel export from the Analytics > Recommendations tab (listing individual Recommendation views), you can thus export a comprehensive overview of sent vs. viewed Recommendation messages.
  • The size limit for Ancillary assets has been increased to 3 GB (from formerly 2 GB).
  • New awards were added:
    • KINO! Festival of German Films New York
  • Various customer-specific features as well as universal tweaks and fixes were deployed.

Release notes: 20 March 2015

  • We welcome new client Zodiak Rights, who are on board with a branded site including some customizations.
  • On the content detail page on the seller site (and branded buyer site), if a multi-level Category tree is used, the Category field now displays a Category breadcrumb such as “Fiction > Drama” instead of “Drama”.
  • On the buyer site (branded sites only), the Format and Topic fields are now hidden if the selected value is “N/A”.
  • In the Accounting Reference section, we now offer storage of a title’s EIDR number.
  • New awards were added and are now available to select:
    • Filmball Vienna
  • Various client-specific changes were implemented.
  • A few smaller tweaks and fixes were added.

Release notes: 19 January 2015

  • We welcome new client BBC Worldwide, for whom a branded solution platform has been implemented.
  • For master files uploaded to Material enties corresponding to our standard IMX50 (PAL) or XDCAM HD422 (PAL) formats, you can now elect to bypass the spot technical quality check. Please note that direct PAL tape outgest (via Tape Shipping Order) and several transcoding options (via Transcode Order) will not be available for files not sent to QC.
  • In the Rights Management module, Contracts In at status Active are now fully editable as long as their rights are not being reduced.
  • Also in the Rights Management module, the available set of Internet Rights has been broadened to include SVOD, TVOD and AVOD business models.
  • Various customer-specific features were implemented.
  • Various smaller tweaks and fixes were added.

Release notes: 24 November 2014

  • On the seller (and branded site buyer) site, sequential navigation was introduced to enable direct back-and-forth navigation between e.g. Episodes assigned to the same Season or Series.
  • A global content search field was added to the seller (and branded site buyer) site, giving the user instant access to the content search from any page.
  • New awards were added and are now available to select:
    • New York Festivals – World’s Best TV & Films
    • Abu Dhabi Film Festival
    • Instanbul International Film Festival
    • Indie Lisboa
    • New Horizons International Film Festival
    • Busan International Film Festival
    • Black Nights Film Festival Tallinn
    • Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
    • Doha Tribeca Film Festival
    • Kinofest Lünen
    • Fantastic Fest
  • Various smaller tweaks were implemented.
  • Various customer-specific changes and features were deployed.

Release notes: 14 October 2014

  • New awards were added and are now available to select:
    • Pyongyang International Film Festival
  • Various tweaks to the Rights module were made, significantly increasing speed.
  • Various customer-specific changes and features were deployed.