V2: Release notes

Release notes: 5 August 2019

  • After our recent introduction of the Public access level, we are adding a new setting to exclusively control whether an asset is downloadable for clients or not: the Download permission. This entirely separates downloadability from access and provides greater flexibility with regards to decisions on whether an asset should be visible or downloadable at a logged-in or (if applicable) public level.

Release notes: 24 June 2019

  • We are introducing a new Public access level. For platforms that feature a public component such as a (selective) catalog for public visitors, this provides greater flexibility as to which content is available to logged-in clients (Viewable) vs. available publicly (Public).

Release notes: 18 February 2019

  • The platform is now providing an enhanced overview of Recommendations via Groups > Recommendations. Here, you can not only review Recommendation messages sent in the past, but also use the available Actions to change a message’s expiration time or revoke it entirely.

Release notes: 3 November 2018

  • MediaStore’s Analytics have moved to a new database in the backend, resulting in much improved performance across the entire Analytics functionality, with pages now displaying even complicated multi-column tables almost instantly.

Release notes: 12 November 2018

  • Aspera capabilities: We have readied three ingest, download and delivery methods which can serve to improve the handling of especially large files:
    • Aspera downloads: Using this feature, you can trigger a download of assets to a “one-click” Aspera destination from where you can retrieve them using the FASP-powered Aspera Connect plugin.
    • Aspera delivery: If you need to deliver assets to an Aspera server, our Aspera delivery option can push assets there directly. Optionally, we do offer accounts on our Aspera server as well.
    • Aspera Inbox: This feature offers an Aspera-based file inbox into which you may upload assets, leveraging the especially stable FASP protocol. Once uploaded, the assets can be ingested into the system by simply filling in the asset metadata.
  • Entertainment One, a previous client on our version 1 platform, has fully migrated to our version 2 system and is now using a heavily customized version of our generic design.

Release notes: 10 September 2018

  • When sending Recommendations, you can now choose to Generate links only rather than immediately send the message to the intended recipient(s). When this function is used, the relevant Recommendation links will be pregenerated per user and object and emailed to your own email address. This process is ideal for cases when you’d like to embed or copy/paste a Recommendation link into an existing email chain (while ensuring that the Recommendation Analytics will be recorded correctly under the recipient’s account/email).
  • Our client Fremantle has rebranded (from FremantleMedia) and relaunched their existing custom-designed platform at https://www.fmscreenings.com/.